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Cummins Series Diesel Generator Set
 Cummins Series Diesel Generator Set
Application: Plant, house, hospital
Model: AP-20C, AP-30C, AP- 40C, AP-60C, ... AP-800C
Technical Data:


Power:  25-1000 KVA

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Voltage: 400/230V

Phase: 1/3

PF: 0.8


This series’ diesel generating set which power section uses Commins® (Powered by Dongfeng Chongqing Cummins® engine)series diesel engine has the characteristics such as slight volume, large power and low noise. The generator selects and matches the domestic famous series non-brushes electrical machinery which has the function of auto-regulate voltage and when the water temperature is high, the oil pulls down, the over speeding reports to stop the engine off, self-starting, long-distance operation, 485connections. The low noise box body independently develops by our factory, reasonable design, the noise reduction performance is high. Mobile power plant’s undercarriage system use the trapeziform wheel to change the transmission system, and adopt the gas checks and the hand checks double braking system, has the good smooth running and cross-country performance.

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