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DEUTZ to supply engines to TYM

Promulgator: :admin   Send date: :2014-09-28 14:53 

 By forging a new alliance with the Korean tractor manufacturer Tong Yang Moolsan (TYM), DEUTZ AG has been able to secure a new partner for long-term collaboration in the agricultural machinery segment. TYM is the first tractor manufacturer in Asia to be supplied by DEUTZ. The Korean company recently took delivery of the new TCD 2.9 series engines, which have been specially developed for agricultural machinery. This cooperation will allow DEUTZ to strengthen its strategic position in Asia.


TYM is based in Seoul and specialises in the production of tractors and rice transplanters. At its factory in Busan, South Korea, Tong Yang Moolsan manufactures approximately 10,000 tractors a year with a power output of between 23 bhp and 100 bhp, which are distributed primarily in Asia and North America but also in the European market.


Starting in April 2014, tractors from the T604, T654 and T754 family will be fitted with the DEUTZ TCD 2.9 L4 engine, which has been specifically developed for use in agricultural machinery. One of the benefits of the water-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine is its excellent cold starting ability even under extreme conditions. The highly compact engine design and the modular system of optional attachments offering greater flexibility for the customer reduce the installation costs and increase the number of applications.


The TCD 2.9 has a modular exhaust aftertreatment (EAT) system which can be mounted on the engine, allowing a drop-in installation of the whole system. The engine is available with or without a turbocharger and with optional charge air cooling.
“We are delighted to have forged a new alliance with Tong Yang Moolsan and to have found a reliable partner in the agricultural machinery segment,” said Michael Wellenzohn, the member of the Board of Management responsible for sales at DEUTZ. “This collaboration will allow us to expand our presence in Asia and North America.”

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