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DEUTZ welcomes 20 new apprentices

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On 1 September 2014, twenty young men and women began their foundation vocational training at DEUTZ AG in Cologne. Dr Margarete Haase, member of the Board of Management, welcomed the Cologne-based apprentices at an introductory event in DEUTZ's technology centre.


“Today marks the beginning of a new chapter of your life. I am delighted that you have decided to pursue your vocational training at DEUTZ AG. After all, it is very important to us that young people see the company as an employer of choice. Apprenticeships have always been highly valued at DEUTZ. We have been training young people since 1919 in order to give them the best possible start to their working lives. We are investing in their future, and in ours, because the apprentices of today are the skilled engineers and technicians of tomorrow,” says Dr Margarete Haase, the member of the DEUTZ Board of Management responsible for finance, human resources and investor relations.

Apprentices can choose from five different specialist trades at DEUTZ: metal engineering, electronics, mechatronics, material testing and warehouse logistics.




Young people have also begun their apprenticeships at the three other sites in Germany. The DEUTZ plant in Ulm has taken on four apprentices in industrial technology and one in business administration. In Übersee/Bavaria, three apprentices began their training in industrial technology today and in Herschbach, two young people have started apprenticeships in cutting machine operation.


Once again this year, the training managers and current second-year apprentices will be hosting a series of induction days to prepare the young people for their apprenticeship programmes and to ease them into working life. With the new recruits being introduced to the areas where they'll be working and the different parts of the company, it promises to be the perfect start to their training.


Last year, the DEUTZ training centre once again received the 'Best performer' certificate from the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). In addition, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for North Rhine-Westphalia (IHK NRW) named a female DEUTZ trainee the federal state's best apprentice in the production mechanic examination.


DEUTZ AG currently employs a total of 124 apprentices in Germany.

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