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Cummins Brazil Increases Territory Coverage and Aftermarket C

Promulgator: :admin   Send date: :2014-09-28 15:24 


NPSCummins values customer feedback and strives to continuously improve to make our customers’ experiences with us positive and effortless.

In 2013, Cummins initiated major improvement projects to support one of our truck and bus Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in Brazil.

During a Net Promoter System (NPS) workshop hosted in 2011, the OEM explained its struggle with getting parts in the field. After listening to this customer, the Cummins Brazil leadership team knew that increasing aftermarket customer support and territory coverage would be crucial to improving the customer experience.

To increase territory coverage and aftermarket customer support, the Cummins Brazil team added more dealers to regions throughout South America. The team’s efforts started paying off almost immediately. In 2013, 42 independent dealers were created in South America.

The Engine Business and Cummins Emission Solutions executive directors of Cummins South America and the directors of this OEM have developed close relationships with one another, contributing to the overall environment of trust and support.

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