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Deutz Engine Spare Parts (BFL912/913TCW Series)
 Deutz Engine Spare Parts (BFL912/913TCW Series)
Model:BFL912/913TCW Series Diesel Engine
Technical Data:

We can supply deutz parts of BFL912/913, FL413/513, FL511 and BFM1015 series diesel engine.The scope inculdes:

Crankshaft,Crankshaft Pulley,Bolts,Crankshaft pulley washer,connecting rods,connecting rod bush,Rod Bearing,Rod Bearing,Rod Bearing,piston/rings assembly(std),Ring Set,Cylinder Head Cover,Cylinder Cover gasket,Cylinder Head,Cylinder Head Gasket,Inlet Valve,Exhaust Valve,Valve lucking pieces,Spring,Blower Assembly,crankshaft,camshaft,cylinder liner,,cylinder head,cylinder block, starter, alternator, V-belt, fan, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, piston, piston ring, injection pump, oil pump, fuel pump, oil sup, main bearing cap, main bearing, connecting rod, connecting bearing, valve, valve seat, manifold exhaust, silencer...

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