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1000 Series Diesel Engine For Construction Machinery
 1000 Series Diesel Engine For Construction Machinery
Application: All kinds of Construction Machinery
Model: 1004-4, 1004-4T, 1006-6, 1006-6T
Technical Data:

Manufactured under EURO 1000 series technology, Lovol 1000 series diesel engine includes 4 and 6 cylinder engine for Construction Machinery usage.

Model: 1004-4, 1004-4T, 1006-6, 1006-6T

Power: 58-132kw      2200rpm/2300rpm


Outstanding Charactors:

High Torque:Optimize performance curves, increase torque reserve, the maximumtorque of 4-cylinder engine is up to 405N.m, 6-cylinder engine is up to 735N.m, the torquereserve even reach up to 40%, can totally meet the heavy-duty work requirements, such astractor deep ploughing, combine harvester.

Small Vibration:we carry out the dynamic balance control to all the moving parts,reduce the engine vibration effectively.

High Efficiency:The power output with equivalent torque increases the workingefficiency effectively, which is 5% higher than other similar products.

High Quality Services:At every farming season, we organize spring ploughing, autumnharvest special service, build up the quick response mechanism. More than 500 Lovolservices stations, the service radius is below 75km, our service team can arrive at the user.

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