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1000 Series Diesel Engine For Generator Set
 1000 Series Diesel Engine For Generator Set
Application: Generator set
Model: 1003-3, 1003-3T, 1004-4, 1004-4T, 1006-6T
Technical Data:

Manufactured by Euro 1000 series technology, LOVOL 1000 series diesel engine includes 3, 4 and 6 cylinder engine for Generator power usage. There are In-line pump enigne, VE pump enigne, Common rail engine and Marine engine for your choose.

Model: 1003-3, 1003-3T, 1004-4, 1004-4T, 1006-6, 1006-6T

Power: 26-133kw     1500-1800rpm



High Density of Power: Higher power output than competitive models at close displacement, the power of 3-cylinder can reach 4-cylinder level of competitor.
Low Fuel Consumption: Adopted European patent Quadram combustion chamber which can reduce fuel consumption, emission and noise, meanwhile raise engine power.
Good Appearance: Similar to original products of UK.
High Performance Cost Rate: Having the similar performance of original products of UK, but the price is very competitive.
Good Cold Start Performance: Started normally at -10¡æ without preheater, started smoothly at -25 ¡æ through flame preheating cold start device, meanwhile -40 ¡æ start solution is available.
Stability & Reliability: Stable and reliable engine performance, good market feedback.


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