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BFM1015C/P Engine For Construction Machine
 BFM1015C/P Engine For Construction Machine
Application: Construction machine, Engineering machine
Model: F6M1015, BF6M1015C, BF6M015CP, BF8M1015C, BF8M1015CP
Technical Data:

Detailed Product Description


 Deutz engine

Power range of  BF6M1015C/P: 223-440kw

Emission: EuroⅡ, NationⅡ

Ambient temperature:-40~+50

Altitute: ≤5000m

Advanced Technology: By the integration multifunctional design, the number of the spare parts are much more reduced, and the model structure can meet different requirements. With four-valve technology, the generator has higher power, more stable operation, more reliable working, simpler maintenance and more eco-environmental discharge.
Wide Power Range: covers a range from 214kw to 440kw for vehicle and construction use, torque response from 30% to 45%, rated speed range from 1800 to 2100r/min, suitable to different products and can be used in different condition.
Good Economic Characteristics: in the wide speed range, the lowest fuel consumption is 195g/kw, and the oil consumption is 0.3% of the fuel consumption.
Good low temperature starting: set with air-intake heating device and can start normally at the temperature of minus 35.If set with aid device, it can start at the temperature of minus 41.
Mass Structure: Easy Maintenance & Long life, the spare parts have high universality
High reliability: Designed with structure of inner oil flow, and has less outer pipeline, which reduces the potential possibility of breaking down. and makes the using life span as long as 15000 hours.
Euro Discharge Standard.


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