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BF6M1015CGP Gas Engine for Generator set (Power Pack)
 BF6M1015CGP Gas Engine for Generator set (Power Pack)
Application:Gas Generator set
Technical Data:


V-engine, angle 90°, one-cylinder-one-head modular structure, center overhead ignition spark plugs, four-valve, with exhaust air-release valve turbocharger and gas exhaust air-release valve control, turbo-inter-cooled, electronic intake throttle, electronic ignition coil and electronic gas injection system.
The air intake system layout electronic air throttle after the inter-cooler, which can control the combustion air input preciously, The gas injection system adopts the single point injection technology and WOODWARD gas control system, which can preciously control the gas injection quantity and firing timing while in different running condition.
The exhaust system adopts intermediate cooling. And also the air-release valve can regulate the turbo pressure, An oxygen sensor is mounted on the rear exhaust manifold of the turbocharger. The emission is National III without post-processing and it has the thermal overloading protection function.
With coolant temperature, exhaust temperature, oil pressure and speed overrun protection function.
9kw x 24v electrical starting, 80A x 28V generator, According the gas supply requirements, this engine matched with electrical switch valve, gas fitter, pressure-reducing valve and also gas connection lines.
Competitive Advantage:
BF6M1015GCP gas engine is developed by us on the basis of license Deutz diesel engine BF6M1015CP. This engine chooses natural gas as the fuel, making the mixture with the air more homogeneous, combustion more sufficiency and also better emission level.

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