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BFL413/513 Series Air Cooled Diesel Engine For Construction M
 BFL413/513 Series Air Cooled Diesel Engine For Construction M
Application: Construction machine, Engineering machine
Model: F8L413F, F10413F, F12L413, BF8L413FC, BF8L513, BF8L513C, BF10L513, BF10L513C, BF12L513, BF12L513C
Technical Data:

Detailed Product Description

Power range of Deutz engine BFL413/513 for Construction machine usage (1500-2500rpm):103-410kw.


Deutz BFL413/513 Air cooled engine

Our BFL413/513 series air cooled diesel engine which was introduced from Deutz AG technology in 1979 and 1988 which is taken as economical choice by Europe clients.

It adopts one-cylinder-one- head structure so that it can save maintenance time. It doesn’t need cooling water circulation system, can distinctly make the external pipe less and reduce the potential possibilities of failures. The engine adopts inlet heating deice so as to keep good running at the temperature of -35. It can be widely used in the high temperature, cold, arid and water deficient regions.


Complete List

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