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F6L912 Air Cooled Diesel Engine
 F6L912 Air Cooled Diesel Engine
Application: Generatoring set, Dewartering pump set, Mixer truck, Welding machine &Engineering machine
Model: F6L912
Technical Data:

Detailed Product Description

Discription:6-cylinder in line,air-cooled 4-stroke  
naturally intake
Flywheel housing:SAE3/4
Flywheel :8"/ 10"/ 11.5"
Packing size(mm):1120×673×815

Advantage of 912/913 series air-cooled engine

Start faster: Can start Less than 1 second and is activated because of cylinder block which is surrounded by heat sink air cooling system. Cylinder blocks are small with high heat capacity of and the temperature of the cylinder wall rises quickly, So after the startup of the engine it can attain the full work load within 10 seconds.
Adaptable to the environment: No risk of erosion and over-heat or freezing as that of water-cooled diesel engine ( -35C~50C) If set with aid device, it can start at the temperature of minus 41C. 
Mass Structure: Easy Maintenance & Long life, the spare parts have high universality
High reliability: Designed with structure of inner oil flow, and has less outer pipeline, which reduces the potential possibility of breaking down.

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